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Thermographic Infra-Red Camera

(Rapid & Massive Body Temperature Screening)

Magenta Labscience provides intelligent Infra-Red thermal imaging camera for rapid screening of body temperature. Our camera combine high-precision (384x288p or 640x480p) Infra-Red imaging detectors and advanced face recognition algorithm. Thanks to our unique features of environment temperature compensation and real-time temperature calibration, the measuring accuracy reaches at less than 0.3 degrees Celsius. Accurate measurement of forehead temperature make rapid & massive screening of body temperature possible. It has been widely used in various scenerios such as airports, train stations, checkpoints, ports, hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc.

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Thermographic Infra-Red Camera

(Rapid & Massive Body Temperature Screening)

  • Temperature Compensation & Automatic Calibration features;

  • Advanced face recognition and temperature measurement ;

  • Dual Camera (visible camera & infra-red camera)

  • The higher Resolution,  the longer detection distance means safer to everyone; Avoid corss infection between operator & visitors;

  • Wide field angle of view, FOV , ensuring larger screening capacity;

  • User friendly operation interface;

  • Dual Display of target objects in visible camera and infra-red camera modes;

  • Automatic detect and alarm when targets over temperature set point;

  • Record and Tracable alarm history;

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