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Mobile Bio-Safety Level 2/3 Laboratory

(BSL Labs on Wheels) 


Completely self-contained and self-sustaining, Our lab on wheels can go to any places with the added benefit of high mobility on urgent mission basis for on-site BSL-3 operations (e.g. Corona Virus Screening Test or Patient Sample Handling)  without the need of site-construction work. 


Mobile BSL-2/3 Labs

(BSL Labs on Wheels)


  • Generator supplied. Approximately eight hours on one tank of 140L fuel.

  • Onboard water tanks. Hot and tepid water supplied.

  • Sinks drain into holding tanks for later disposal.

  • Airlock with Interlocked doors.

  • Automatic transfer switch (ATS) installed. Generator can be used as backup/emergency power supply.

  • Water tank can be bypassed and connected to a water supply. (Backflow protected)

  • Floors covered in a pigmented high build epoxy & PVC coating for air tightness, durability and facilitates gaseous decontamination.

  • Walls and ceilings are made of stainless steel with anti-corrosion painting.

  • Corner-less design minimize the dead corner, ease the cleaning & decontamination process.

  • Hands free sink operations.

  • Eye wash station at sinks.

  • Gel Sealed - HEPA filtered supply and exhaust air, 99.995% efficiency on 0.3 micrometer particles. Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) Test passed.

  • Variable speed controlled exhaust to maintain negative pressure in room.

  • Isolation dampers (air-locked type) on dirty and clean side of exhaust HEPA filters for isolation and decontamination. (Bag-in Bag-out BIBO System)

  • Multiple stages of alarms for negative pressure labs to ensure the laboratory will not become positive to the outside.

  • Fully PLC control on HVAC facilities

  • All construction materials, and equipment installed in BSL-3 and ABSL-3 are certified products complying world wide safety standards, like CE, ICE 61010-1, EN standards, NSF standards, WHO standards and many others.

  • Fully Build to Order, Lab Benches & Equipment e.g. Bio-safety Cabinet, PCR, autoclave, centrifuge, glove box, etc supplied in option according to client SOP requirement.

  • 24 hours CCTV surveillance provided extra security control

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