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Ion Chromatography

AquasIC™ Series

Temperature Controlled bi-Polar Conductivity Detector with Greater Range and better Precision;

3D Constant Circulating Temperature Technology shorten stability time less than 30 minutes; 

World's Leading Full Range of IC Columns satisfy various applications;

Self-Regenerating Electrolytic Micro-Membrane Suppressor;

(Higher Pressure Resistance; Smaller Dead Volume; Highly Responsive)

Extensive Range of Detectors & Detection at ppb levels;

APPLICATION FIELDs: Environmental; Water Quality; Disease Control; Medical; Food Safety; Chemical Industry; Electronics; Mining and Metallurgy; Many others;


Benchtop Models, Dual Channel Detection Models & Portable Model Available

(AQIC-P60; AQIC-D120; AQIC-D300)

Max Pressure 35Mpa (~5076Psi/350Bar) (42Mpa Optional)

High Pressure & Low Pulse Dual Plunger Tandem Advection Pump

Flow Rate Range:0.001~9.999mL/min

Pump Flow System Made of PEEK Materials (SS Material Optional)

Sample Injection System Made of PEEK Materials

Column Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.01'C

Automatic Continuous Suppressor Regeneration

Conductivity Detector, Amperometric Detector, UV-VIS Detector

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IC Autosampler

Single Channel & Dual Channel Injection  Available


Single Channel:   2ml×108 Vials, 500μL Injection Volume;

                              Injection Precision: RSD<0.25%;

Dual Channel:      2ml×120 Vials, 500μL Injection Volume;

                              Injection Precision: RSD<0.25%;

Contact us for Detailed Specification & Product Brochure

IC Suppressor & Other Accessories

Anion suppressor:
Compatible with common anion systems such as the Carbonate system and Hydroxide systems.
Cation suppressor:
Compatible with common cation systems such as Nitric acid system, Methane Sulfonic acid system, etc.

- High inhibition capacity, low background conductance
Low noise, better stability, accurate data
- High pressure resistance with no leakage up to 6 MPa (normal operation @ 2 MPa)
- Better compatibility of detection technology and the column switching technology.

Eluent Generator:  Labor-free eluent preparation, with pre-defined gradient program so that complex separation can be achieved without worrying of human error in dilution or preparation.

Online Degasser:  Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide & other gases which are dissolved in the mobile phase will be removed through membrane in vacuum chamber, therefore baseline & noise performance are further improved.

Many Others Accessories

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IC Columns & Other Consumables

Columns & Microbore Columns are used for various applications in Food Safety, Drinking Water, Environmental, Medical, Metallurgy, and many other industries.


Anion Columns Analysis:   F-, Cl-, NO2-, Br-, NO3-, H2PO4-, SO42-; ClO2-, BrO3-, ClO3-, DCA, TCA & others; Organic acids such as Formic Acid, Acetic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Oxalic acid & others;

Eluent System:     Carbonate or Hydroxide Eluent;

Cation Columns Analysis:  Li+, Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, etc.

Eluent System:    Methane Sulfonic Acid or Nitric Acid / Ethylenediamine Eluent;

Pre-treatment Column,  Guard Column, Syringe/Needle Filter, Eluent cartridge (for Eluent Generator) & other consumables are available;

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