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Gas Chromatography

Volare™ Series GC
is our newly launched laboratory GC model that provides


for our customers at AFFORDABLE PRICES

  • Precise oven temperature control & multiple independent auxiliary heating zones

  • Fully Electronic Flow Control with temperature compensation technology ensure excellent accuracy, stability & repeatability in flow rate & hence satisfying analysis performance is guaranteed

  • User friendly PC software cont rol features plus separate keypad /touchpad control of GC & autosampler gives better user experience in their routine lab works

  • Versatile injectors, detectors and valve systems further extend the GC capabilities which exceed customers’ requirements in most of their applications nowadays


Volare GC

Column Oven: 

  • Standard: Ambient:  + 4℃~ 450 ℃

  • Liquid Nitrogen Trap:  +80 ℃~ 450℃

  • Dry Ice Trap:  -55 ℃~ 450 ℃

Auxiliary Heating zones & Switching Valve Ovens:

  • up to 6 independant zones optional


  • Split/Splitless Capillary Inlet​ 

  • Packed Septum Purge Injection

  • Temp. Program Cool on Column

  • Volatile Series Inlet

  • Fully Electronic Pneumatic (Pressure/Flow) Control

  • 0 ~ 100 psi Range with 0.01 psi or 0.1ml/min Accuracy  (Flow rate range depends on carrier gas)

Detectors: ​

  • FID: For most organic compounds; fit capillary or packed columns

  • TCD: Extreme Small Dead Volume 3 5uL; Unique single filament design offers thermal stability & uniformity;

  • μ-ECD: 150uL micro cell for highly sensitive measurements

  • FPD: Sensitive to sulfur & phosphorus containing compounds; PMT protected by Special cooling system;

  • Other detectors (PDHID & PID)

  • EFC mode controlled

  • Low Detection Limit

Autosampler & Support Dual Injectors/Dual Detectors

GC Software Fully Control & Communication

  • Setting of GC  modules through Ethernet port

  • Real Time display of GC status & detector channels

  • Intelligent peak retention time identification with simple double click on the chromatogram

  • User friendly analysis features such as quick chromatogram comparison , advanced reporting, etc.

  • Fully support GLP / FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, IQ/OQ & System Suitability Test, etc. Best fit in Pharma, Accredited 3rd party testing laboratory & industrial QC laboratories, etc.

  • Autosampler sequence handling, automatic peak integration, & quick report generating guarantee user highly efficient routine lab works.

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VOC Purge & Trap System

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GC Columns

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